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How do I book you?

Great question! For in-state events, portraits and family sessions, I require a retainer that is equal to 25% of your selected package, as well as a completed contract in order for me to take the date off of my calendar and make the day yours. For out of state events, portraits and family sessions, a retainer equal to 50% of your selected package is required, along with the completed contract. Your balance is due a month before your scheduled event.  All retainer fees will be subtracted from the total package price and are non-refundable.

What happens if your camera breaks or malfunctions? How will you capture my day?

I always work sessions with at least two camera bodies and multiple lenses. I’ve got you covered.

Suppose something happens and you can’t cover my event?

I love shooting all events and have yet to miss one. I’ll be there! I can almost guarantee you that. But unfortunate circumstances do happen from time to time. In the event that I cannot be there, I have an amazing network of photographers that I can reach out to. Their work has a quality that is artistically similar to mine and will be able to step in to cover your day in the event that the world ends and I can't be there.

Our venue is asking that all of our vendors provide a certificate of liability insurance. Is this something that you can provide?

Yep! Just put me in touch with your venue manager at least 1 month before your event and we’ll get all of that squared away before your event.

I don’t live in the San Antonio area. Is it unreasonable to ask you to travel to cover my day?

Not at all! I love to travel! We can definitely chat about your needs and how we can work together to make your vision come true.

How often should I expect to hear from you?

You can expect to have at least 2 formal conversations where we will either meet in person for some good eats or via Skype. During these conversations we will talk about your vision for your session and plan out your day's timeline.  You can also expect me to check in with you from time to time to just see how you’re doing. Planning a photography day can be stressful. I want to make sure that all is well with you. And of course if you have any questions for me, you’ll have all of my contact information so that you can reach me whenever you need me.

Do you offer albums, digital files, canvases and prints?

I do! Albums and digital files are included in several of the packages that I provide. We can definitely chat about the numerous options that are available to you when you contact me to cover your session day.

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